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Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys ‘Scars & Bars’ reaching a new fanbase in Europe

“I think we’re playing a style of music that isn’t necessarily new,” he says. “It’s more of the Texas-style, ’60s and ’70s country— Willie and Waylon and all that.. I think that’s why we’ve ventured over to the outlaw style or alt-country and gotten identified with those labels, because we’re definitely not like what’s on the radio.”

Country Perspective gives ‘Scars & Bars’  8/10 rating

New Album ‘Scars & Bars’ rated 8/10 by Country Perspective

“The Piedmont Boys’ brand of outlaw country is loud and proud on Scars & Bars. The domineering theme of the entire album is without a doubt honky-tonk life and music, something they’re very good at singing about. If you’re yearning for a style of the outlaw days, this is an album I definitely recommend checking out. It’s the anti-thesis to country radio, something The Piedmont Boys I’m sure will wear with a badge of pride.”

New Music Video: Come On Out Tonight

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys are back at it again! With a new album in the works, this is the first video single called “Come On Out Tonight”. Song written by Corey Hunt. Performed and recorded by Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys at Master This! Studio. Video produced by Chief Spires at Master This.

We’ve been nominated for our first CMA, Carolina Music Awards

Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys Nominated for Carolina Music Awards: Country Band of the Year