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UpstateBizSC | Greenville-based Country Band are Tumbleweed Bound 

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys hits the road next week to play Tumbleweed Music Festival, in Kansas City, Missouri, the biggest outlaw country music festival in the world.

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys will on the main stage the final day of the festival Saturday, July 29. Tumbleweed has also given them a headlining spot on Thursday, July 27 at the campground stage during the kickoff of the festival.

When Payne heads west, he will bring with him ten years of whisky soaked, against-the-grain, Carolina grown country music including the eight tracks on Natural Born Rebel, their fifth album recently released.

 Wide Open Country | Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys Claim Coveted Slot at Tumbleweed Music Festival 

When Tumbleweed Music Festival rolls into Kansas City, the outlaw country fest brings with it an up-and-coming independent outlaw country act to play the festival. 

Tumbleweed features some of the best names in outlaw country, both modern and legendary. Performers include Jamey Johnson, Cody Jinks, Whitey Morgan, William Clark Green, Roger Creager and more. Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys will fit right in.

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys and Porter Union combined for nearly 14,000 of the votes. And just about 100 separated the two when the dust settled.

“We were blown away by the support we received from our fans and friends during the competition. It was so close at the end and could’ve gone either way. Our folks stayed up late to make sure we kept pushing forward and it paid off.”



Wide Open Country | Tumbleweed Emerging Artist Contest Finalist

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys lead the pack after Round 1 with over 2650 votes. Help them get to top in the final Round. 

The Tumbleweed Music Festival in Kansas City is ready to give one emerging outlaw country band a big break. And your vote could help seal the deal.

Fans submitted nearly 100 bands for a chance to play at Tumbleweed alongside artists like Jamey Johnson, Cody Jinks and Whitey Morgan.

“Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys carry that outlaw country swagger that dates bate to Waylon Jennings. With an extended discography and plenty of road experience, Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys really make their mark on stage.”

New Album “Natural Born Rebel” Released

cante_cover_aGreg Payne and The Piedmont Boys releases new album “Natural Born Rebel”

With almost five years between this release and the last of new music, Payne described the band’s excitement as palpable and a much needed catharsis for all five band members including Matt Parks, fiddle, Chief Spires, bass, Colt Strickland, drums and Stuart McConnell, lead guitar. The album throws the listener back to a time when country music was soaked in whiskey and set on fire with howling fiddles, haunting bass lines and hammering guitar rhythms.

“You’ll find the album is peppered with highs and lows as it’s a true reflection of the hard-hitting tours our band has completed over the last couple of years. We have some fun up-tempo tracks that will get a crowd shaking  like “Goodbye”and “Long Way to the Bottom” and others that are more reflective like “Alone Again”, which has become more of an anthem-like shout-along at our shows.”

We’re in Good Company with Canadian Club®

Canadian Club® joins the Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys on the road

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys is proud to announce their recent friendship with The Canadian Club® brand.  As one of the most one of the most smuggled whiskies during prohibition, Canadian Club® has brought 7 generations of gangsters, smugglers, politicians, admen, and guys like the members of Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys together to join their distinguished Gentleman’s club. Canadian Club® is not a stranger to musicians who know how to have a good time. Legend has it that Merle Haggard set a world record for purchasing the largest round of whisky, after buying 5,095 shots of Canadian Club®  while promoting his “C.C. Waterback” duet with George Jones. The whole round totaled 40 gallons of whisky, and clocked up a bill of $12,737.50.

Canadian Club®  has a storied history just like our band,” said Greg Payne. “We are proud to join the ranks of the brave men who broke the law to drink it and gladly raise our glasses as we make our way across the back roads and highways of America.”

Homegrown Harmonies

Greenville Journal’s 3 Must See Local Acts at 2016 Fall for Greenville

“When Greg Payne and the Piedmont Boys first got together in Greenville in 2007, they probably anticipated a long, slow crawl towards their modest goal of packing out the local bars and clubs. What they got was something entirely different.

And indeed, they became one of the most reliable concert draws in the Upstate, playing a no-nonsense brand of rejuvenated outlaw country drawn from bedrock artists like Waylon, Willie, David Allen Coe and the Man in Black. And when it caught on, no one was more surprised than them.”

Fall For Greenville: October 15, 2016

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys gear up for a weekend of legendary musicians at the 2016 Fall for Greenville scheduled for October 14-16 in downtown Greenville.

“Fall for Greenville is one of the largest street festivals in South Carolina, attracting between 150,000 – 200,000 people from across the Upstate and beyond. Recognized as a Top 20 Event in the Southeast, the festival offers three days of musical entertainment on five stages.”

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys will share the One Main Stage this weekend with legendary musicians from home and abroad including Shooter Jennings with the Waymore Outlaws, Turnpike Troubadours, James Radford Band and Anna Leigh Band to name a few. Be sure to come early and check them out!

Anderson Independent Mail Feature

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys ragged-but-right style has its advantages especially onstage.

“I think people come to see us not just because they want to hear our music, but because they want to be part of the atmosphere. They want to be part of the show. We take our music seriously, but we don’t want to take it too seriously. Each show is completely different. We never know what we’re going to play.”

Charleston City Paper Feature

Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys ‘Scars & Bars’ reaching a new fanbase in Europe

“I think we’re playing a style of music that isn’t necessarily new,” he says. “It’s more of the Texas-style, ’60s and ’70s country— Willie and Waylon and all that.. I think that’s why we’ve ventured over to the outlaw style or alt-country and gotten identified with those labels, because we’re definitely not like what’s on the radio.”

Country Perspective gives ‘Scars & Bars’  8/10 rating

New Album ‘Scars & Bars’ rated 8/10 by Country Perspective

“The Piedmont Boys’ brand of outlaw country is loud and proud on Scars & Bars. The domineering theme of the entire album is without a doubt honky-tonk life and music, something they’re very good at singing about. If you’re yearning for a style of the outlaw days, this is an album I definitely recommend checking out. It’s the anti-thesis to country radio, something The Piedmont Boys I’m sure will wear with a badge of pride.”

New Music Video: Come On Out Tonight

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys are back at it again! With a new album in the works, this is the first video single called “Come On Out Tonight”. Song written by Corey Hunt. Performed and recorded by Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys at Master This! Studio. Video produced by Chief Spires at Master This.

We’ve been nominated for our first CMA, Carolina Music Awards

Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys Nominated for Carolina Music Awards: Country Band of the Year

Ain’t Got Not Hot Water Ranks #1

Greg Payne and The Piedmont Boys rank No. 1 on the Rocky Mountain’s Gravel Road Best of 2015 List

“Greenville based Carolina Country band earns top billing on Rocky Mountain’s Gravel Road Best of 2015 list for their original song “Ain’t Got No Hot Water” from their album Scars and Bars.

“The recognition means a lot to us,” said lead singer and guitarist Greg Payne. “The Carolinas have a lot of great original music coming out and its rewarding to see how far the word has spread.”

The Piedmont Boys are putting it “All on Red”

The Greenville band gambles on traditional country-rock

“There’s a sound that’s in my head that I ultimately want to get to.But I will never get to it. It’s the Waylon Jennings sound, the Johnny Cash sound, the David Allan Coe sound … it’s all the sounds incorporated with their writing. I’ll never get there, but that’s not the point.”

The Punch List with The Piedmont Boys Frontman Greg Payne

Metronome Charleston‘s weekly Punch List puts local musicians on the spot. This week, The Piedmont Boys frontman Greg Payne gives it what he’s got

“My poisons are alcohol and women. They both make me very happy.”

Crescent Entertainment

The Piedmont Boys’ Greg Payne Opens Up on Stories from the Road and What it Takes to Get Noticed by Nashville

“Songs just come to me out of nowhere. A little melody, a little line or something. I’ve got to keep writing my style and hope that it catches on somewhere.”

Country Chart

ALBUM REVIEW: The Piedmont Boys “All On Red”

“”All On Red” is a surprisingly entertaining album that will keep you guessing from start to finish. The musicality is strong, and the topics being discussed are not always politically correct. That’s why the band and its new album “All On Red” are a breath of fresh air in the increasingly paint-by-numbers country music scene. With all the cookie-cutter, black and white music on today’s charts, The Piedmont Boys are unashamedly adding a little red to the mix. “

Spartanburg Herald Journal

Greenville-based country band the Piedmont Boys are keeping it real

“When Greg Payne sits down to write a country song, he doesn’t think about the latest contemporary trends.”

Crescent Entertainment

The Piedmont Boys’ Greg Payne — Minor Leaguer to Outlaw Country Frontman

“I still want to be edgy, a little raunchy, a little hard core, but again, I want to be able to take it home and give it to my Grandma, and my Mom would be proud of it.”